Waterhog Diamond Mats – An Investment in Employee Comfort and Safety

Waterhog Fashion Diamond mats feature an attractive diamond pattern designed for high traffic indoor/outdoor entrances. Their distinctive ridged surface effectively removes dirt and debris before trapping it below shoe level for easier maintenance.

Routine cleaning with a vacuum or extraction cleaner should leave them looking as good as new, and any solvent-based spotter should be used with caution and then thoroughly rinsed afterward.
Durable and Stain-Resistant

Waterhog mats are constructed to withstand years of use while remaining stain-resistant, making cleaning and maintaining easier – which makes them especially suitable for commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic.

This premium 24-ounce anti-static 100% polypropylene fiber system dries quickly, won’t fade or rot and features a rubber reinforced surface to channel moisture away from foot traffic to help minimize slipperiness hazards.

The raised “water dam” border keeps dirt and water contained within the mat rather than on the floor, reducing slipperiness and carpet damage at entrance doors. Available in standard commercial sizes or custom lengths including runners. Alternatively, consider the Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mat with its luxurious fabric border instead of classic rubber edge; available in multiple colors as well.

Waterhog mats are highly safe with their unique nubby surface that uses scrapers to remove dirt, debris and moisture from shoes. Most types are certified high traction by the National Floor Safety Institute while some like ECO Elite even qualify for LEED points!

The Classic Diamond Mat is an ideal solution for high-traffic indoor and outdoor areas. With raised WaterHog Diamond mat and its bi-level design, its raised rubber cleats scrape dirt away from shoes at shoe level before collecting and trapping it below shoe level to maintain clean floors that are safe, dry and safe. Furthermore, its “Water Dam” border keeps dirt contained within the mat thus minimizing slip hazards, odors, floor damage or floor wear and tear.

The Waterhog Fashion Diamond Mat with Fabric Border offers all of the debris-trapping capabilities of its classic counterpart in an eye-catching diamond pattern, leaving a lasting impression with visitors and customers. Fabric borders help protect it against abrasions and wear-and-tear for increased longevity as well as allow custom logos to be added easily.
Easy to Clean

Waterhog Diamond Mats are constructed of anti-static polypropylene fabric that quickly dries, doesn’t fade or rot – ideal for easy cleanup with vacuum cleaners, extraction cleaning methods or simply being hosed off and left to hang dry afterwards.

The raised “diamond” surface provides an effective surface to scrape shoes free of dirt, debris and moisture in order to reduce slip hazards and floor damage. Furthermore, an exclusive rubber water dam border keeps dirt and moisture contained within the mat, keeping it off floors.

The Eco Grand Premier mat features a durable PET polyester face composed of recycled PET drinking bottles and up to 20% recycled tire rubber, featuring unique ridged construction with rubber-reinforced face nubs to prevent pile crushing under foot traffic and extend product lifespan. Certified as “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute. This mat offers both smooth and cleated styles for indoor/outdoor use for maximum product value.
Easy to Maintain

The premium 24-ounce anti-static polypropylene fiber system dries quickly, won’t fade or rot and features a rubber reinforced surface which allows water to be wicked away from foot traffic and provides a slip-resistant surface. Its unique ridged construction removes and traps dirt and moisture beneath shoe level for improved drainage while its raised rubber “water dam” border keeps excess liquid on the mat and away from carpet or flooring to minimize floor damage and avoid slip hazards.

Maintenance is simple for matting by using standard vacuum and extraction cleaning methods or by hosing down for occasional deep cleaning. For stubborn spots, a non-organic solvent based spot cleaner may be used; just ensure to rinse it well prior to returning the mat to service.

Available with both smooth or universal cleated backing, this mat can also be customized to meet a range of applications.

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