In Need of a DUI Criminal Defence Lawyer

Driving under Influence (DUI) is a serious criminal offence and is punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada. In Vancouver, DUI cases have been on a rise with startling facts indicating the rise of negligent and prohibited driving in the city.Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer | Verhaeghe Law Office

But there are instances when a driver needs serious legal assistance to prove his innocence and here the criminal defence lawyers come in handy. Criminal lawyers offer legal representation the individuals charged of DUI in the court of law. They offer initial consultation and legal services to the accused to prove his innocence or reduce the punishment for the accused.

A Driving under Influence guilty has to face a long trial and once proven guilty, he has to serve a maximum sentence and also pay a fine. A negligent driver can be charged under various sections in the Canadian court of law. Some of these include Driving under the influence of Alcohol, Driving under the influence of psychoactive drugs, Drunk and Driving, driving while prohibited, Driving while 90-day administrative suspension, rash driving, over-speeding etc.

These are serious allegations which can be levied on an accused for DUI and Impaired driving charges. These serious criminal offences greatly affect the professional as well as the personal life of the guilty as well as the accused. The guilty person faces court trial, is either sentenced to jail for a given time period or has to pay a heavy fine as a penance or as a payment for damaged induced.

An experienced criminal lawyer in Vancouver with years of experience in the Criminal law domain will be able to assist an accused better. He will have the adequate and appropriate knowledge about the intricacies of Canadian law and the possibilities of reducing the punishment. They offer legal advice and assistance throughout the trial and prove instrumental in resolving cases through legal consultation as well.

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